evacuation sign

Responder Management supports the Department’s capability to respond to public health emergencies and events by managing personnel resources for public health missions. The unit works with all Department Divisions and Offices and their designated Staffing Points of Contact to organize responders prepared to serve in core State ESF-8 occupations and teams. The unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining processes and procedures for managing public health and medical personnel resources before, during, and following activation or deployment. This includes supporting Responder Safety and Health while activated or deployed. The unit works closely with Cache Management to ensure materials and supplies are available to equip and assist responders.

The Department’s Emergency Duty policy requires persons, not approved for an exemption, to work in support of an incident or event. This may include working hours in excess of the employees routine work schedule or working extended hours, weekends, holidays, or overnight shifts. This may also include deployment in state or out-of-state to less than ideal field conditions. The Emergency Duty policy and procedures can be found by searching for “emergency duty” in the Department’s Central Library under Policies & Procedures/TAGs

Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding Responder Management and Responder Safety and Health can be sent to StateESF8.Demobilization@flhealth.gov.

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